Rich Hart

Learning Technologies, Engagement and Success

About me

Passionate about leveraging learning technologies to drive innovation and empower individuals to reach their full potential. Experienced in designing and implementing engaging learning solutions that foster entrepreneurial thinking and cultivate a growth mindset.

With a keen interest in the history of language and its evolution exploring the origins and development of languages fuels my curiosity and provides valuable insights into our cultural roots.

As an avid cyclist living in Flanders, I embrace the beauty of this region and its cycling culture. Cycling not only keeps me physically active but also allows me to appreciate the scenic landscapes while exploring new routes and pushing my limits.

I thrive on collaborative environments that foster creativity and encourage continuous learning. I enjoy developing and delivering training programs that not only educate but also inspire individuals to embrace new opportunities and embrace change.

  • 12 years implementing Learning Technologies in the UK and MENA
  • 11 years working with British Government
  • Learning Technologies
  • Entrepreneurial Learning
  • Training and Engagement

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