Over the years, Bantani Education and the Bantani Education team have contributed as experts to various publications, project outputs, and academic papers on the themes of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial learning, and the EntreComp Framework. Here is a selection of those publications.

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May 2022

2BDigital Competence Framework: For learning, working and living in a digital world


May 2022

LifeComp into Action: Teaching life skills in the classroom and beyond

European Commission/Joint Research Centre

July 2022

Western Balkans and Turkey 2022: Assessing the implementation of the small and medium size enterprise act in Europe 

SME Policy Index/OECD

June 2022

EntreCompEdu: Take a chance on CPD! How one school put its faith in the EntreCompEdu CPD programme and developed whole-school collective entrepreneurial education


July 2021

EU Policies Driving Entrepreneurial Competences – Reflections from the case of EntreComp


May 2021

The key competence lighthouse: Key-competence-driven reforms in Ukraine and Georgia

European Training Foundation

November 2020

EntreComp Europe inspiring practices from across Europe

EntreComp Europe

September 2020

The CRADLE teaching methodology: developing foreign language and entrepreneurial skills in primary school pupils

Entrepreneurship Education

August 2020

EntreComp at Work

European Commission – Joint Research Centre

December 2019

Entrepreneurial learning in TVET


July 2018

EntreComp Into Action

European Commission – Joint Research Centre

December 2020

EntreCompEdu, a professional development framework for entrepreneurial education

Education + Training