Projects we are involved in…

We work collaboratively to drive entrepreneurial and creative learning in policy and practice. Below are some of the projects that we are involved with at the moment to embed high quality entrepreneurial and creative learning practice into formal and non-formal learning.

  CRADLE (Creating Activity-Designed Language-Learning Environments for Entrepreneurship Education)

CRADLE is an Erasmus+ project that developed a teaching methodology for primary school educators to simultaneously foster foreign language and entrepreneurial skills. The CRADLE  methodology employs a cross-curricular, activity-based, student-centred teaching approach and is aimed at pupils aged 8-12. The CRADLE methodology including lesson plans and activity ideas is available for free on the CRADLE website.


EntreCompEdu fosters educators’ entrepreneurial education skills to strengthen their creative and entrepreneurial mindsets. The project adapted the EntreComp framework to the professional environment of educators and developed a free online training course. EntreCompEdu will also develop a practice map collated by and for teachers with practical examples of how teachers foster an entrepreneurial mindset in their students. The EntreCompEdu professional skills framework, online learning course, and practice map are available on the EntreCompEdu website.

The ELYME project supports migrants permanently residing in the EU with a targeted entrepreneurship training programme. ELYME support migrants in starting up their business and support its growth for them to become self-confident, self-employed and build a successful enterprise in the host countries. The training programme and a thriving community of migrant entrepreneurs supporting one another is available on the ELYME website.
The Entrepreneurship360 project will grow a community of users of the EntreComp framework across multiple audiences to inspire uptake of the framework and share ideas how to apply the framework in different areas. It will also develop an online training programme and will actively engage with wider networks of practitioners and organisations across formal education, youth
organisations, employers and business/start-up, and the policy world.


Projects we are advising.

DOIT – Entrepreneurial skills for young social innovators in an open digital world

We advise this Horizon2020 EU-funded project that delivers and spreads a new approach for early entrepreneurship education within Europe. DOIT contributes to youth employment and to create new jobs in the social economy by nurturing in young pupils seeds for active social innovation: entrepreneurial mind-sets, knowhow and skills. The project empowers primary and secondary school pupils (6-16 years) alongside educators to apply open innovation methods, digital maker tools and collaboration skills to tackle societal problems.


Past projects we have worked on.


The EntreAssess project build a go-to resource for educators who want to learn more about assessing entrepreneurial competence. The platform gathers and explains different assessment approaches, methods and provides examples from classrooms around the world.

Ecosystemapp Eco System App

The Eco System App project built a one-stop shop of teaching resources for entrepreneurship educators.