How we build communities…

By bringing together extensive policy and practical experience, we work with public, community and private sector partners to embed entrepreneurial skills into any type of learning. Our team works to build collaborations and initiatives involving policy makers, educators, community and the private sector, to embed high quality entrepreneurial and creative learning practice and policy into formal and non-formal learning. Have a look below to learn how we connect people:

School Education Gateway Collaborative Space on Entrepreneurial Learning

We facilitate this community on the European Commission’s School Education Gateway. The collaborative space on entrepreneurial learning is a space to support dialogue and the dissemination and development of project experiences and outcomes with cross-border collaboration on entrepreneurial learning.

  EntreComp Community of Practice

This is a professional development and discussion group around the Entrepreneurial Competence Framework (EntreComp). Every individual or organisation who works with or aims to work with the tool is welcome to join to learn and to contribute ideas and best practices.

  EntreComp Engage 

This is a group for those interested in supporting the uptake of the EntreComp framework through the EntreComp into Action user guide. A place to be inspired by how others are using and working with EntreComp and share ideas.

  Webinar Series ‘Ideas into Action’

This webinar series organised by Bantani Education and co-hosted by the Lifelong Learning Platform and Vleva focuses on new trends and best practices in entrepreneurial education as well as building capacities on EU funding – two key topic areas for the teaching profession. Find upcoming webinars on our events page.