EntreCompEdu Café

Discover more about the EntreCompEdu Café, and catch up with all the latest session.

The EntreCompEdu Café is an exciting opportunity to digitally network with like minded entrepreneurial educators from across the globe and hear from some of the world’s leading EntreComp and entrepreneurship experts.

While the live event is by invitation only to current students of the EntreCompEdu online training course, we are happy to share with everyone details of previous events. Check out the list below for full details about each speaker, along with a catch-up video and presentation slide.

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You still have a chance to register for the EntreCompEdu online training course, just click the link below for more details. This free course is designed to develop teachers’ entrepreneurial education skills and is available in: English, Spanish, Italian, Macedonian, Finnish, Dutch and Welsh.

11th January 2021

Paul Ranson “Teaching Creativity”

18th January 2021

Russell Grigg “Collaboration in Teaching”

25th January 2021

Fran Van Oers “Ideas for Entrepreneurial Teaching & Training”

2nd February 2021

Lea Oksanen “Real World Learning”

9th February 2021

Hazel Israel “Entrepreneurial Assessment”

16th February 2021

Felicity Healey-Benson “Creating Value through the SDGs”