How do you assess perseverance, or communication and sales skills in the form of pitches to investors? How do you assess team work as important step towards being entrepreneurial? These are the questions that we will explore in an interactive webinar on assessment methods and tools in entrepreneurial learning.

You will be introduced to three assessment methods and tools and see how they can be applied in the classroom. In addition, we want to collect your ideas how assessment in entrepreneurial learning should happen.

Martin Lackeus is a researcher at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, and an experienced IT entrepreneur whose most recent company is an innovative supplier of a mobile app for education and work called LoopMe. LoopMe is a new kind of IT tool for people in individual and organisational development. Action and reflection gets intertwined through clear tasks that drive the learning and development process – a ‘Social Learning Media‘ (SLM). LoopMe gives school teachers more engaged students that reflect deeper in a structured learning process.

This webinar series on entrepreneurial learning and EU project is aimed at teachers and others involved in education around Europe. It takes place on the third Thursday every month at lunchtime and is free of charge. Find all upcoming webinars at and recordings of past webinars at

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