It’s the end of another month and what a month it has been! 

Departures and Arrivals 

In May we said goodbye to our dear colleague Khadija who leaves to join the International Paralympic Committee, focusing on lifelong learning within paralifting. We are so thrilled to see her move to this wonderful professional opportunity but she will be missed by the whole team. Thank you, Khadija, for all your hard work and commitment to the Bantani team and for always bringing a smile to our days. 

We are delighted to welcome Dora to the team. Originally from Hungary and now based in the UK, she joins our sister company, Bantani Cymru, and will support local projects in Wales that aim to bring entrepreneurial skills to young learners and communities. With a background  in graphic design and teaching, we are excited to see how her skills blend with the rest of the team. Welcome! 

Showcasing Talented Women in Europe 

The Women Learning Together project celebrated the Talent Showcase and Graduation in May, the online event brought together project partners and participants of the online training course. This was a fantastic opportunity to hear from women who have taken part in the training, to hear their experiences and challenges, and what they have gained. The course supports women aged 35-55 to enter or re-enter the labour market, particularly looking at self-employment and business start-ups by supporting the development of key professional skills. During the event we were honoured to hear the testimony of several women, you can see for yourself what these inspiring women had to say by taking a look at our playlist of videos

For more details about Women Learning Together, visit the project website.

All Digital Weeks: International Launch Event 

On 14 May, Bantani Education Director Elin McCallum took part in an exciting panel discussion as part of All Digital Weeks. During the ‘Digital Skills: Equity, Citizenship, Entrepreneurship, Cybersecurity’ panel, participants shared different perspectives on the relevance of digital skills in the way we learn, work and live and insights from esteemed experts for organisations including DG EMPL, European Commission, European Cybersecurity Organisation, ALL DIGITAL, Fundacio Esplai and The Lisbon Council. 

You can find full details about the event from the All Digital Press Release

Catalysing Change Week: Entrepreneurial Skills in the Public Sector 

The EntrePubl project continues to make waves in the public sector. On 8 May, project partners participated in and online event for Catalyst 2030’s Catalysing Change Week. Our colleague Marianella  was joined by partners from Academy of Entrepreneurship and T-hap as well as a representative from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Greece, to discuss how entrepreneurial skills can be applied in the public sector. 

If you missed the event, or just want to catch it again, you can find recordings on the Catalysing Change Week YouTube channel

DARYA SCAFFOLD: Training continues in Central Asia 

The exciting and unique DARYA SCAFFOLD project moves forward with six webinars for trainers and five for educators in May, bringing together over 320 combined participants from across Central Asia. Bantani and the other project partners expect to close the online webinar series by the end of June. But that’s not all! Our team is also looking towards a library of learning designs, and ensuring trainers are supported through their learning journeys, encouraging them to disseminate – and use – SCAFFOLD locally. The project partners are also working to develop two websites for trainers and for educators, to share a variety of SCAFFOLD-related resources. A vibrant Telegram community also brings together more that 500 members from across the region. 

For more information about the project, visit our blog, where you can also find more details about the SCAFFOLD cards. The webinars are also available over on YouTube

Welcoming the Entrepreneurship4All partners to Tervuren 

When it comes to partner meetings, sometimes we get to travel and sometimes we get to host. Earlier in the month several of the Entrepreneurship4All partners travelled to the Bantani Education in Tervuren. Entrepreneurship4All is a European initiative devoted to supporting the learning journey of aspiring, young, and experienced entrepreneurs. The partners are now working on the second phase, looking at making the learning experience better by creating a digital ecosystem that offers cutting-edge skills development opportunities in entrepreneurship, digitalisation, financial literacy, and sustainability. From web VR to AI, chatbots to interactive learning, stay tuned as our efforts evolve. A special thank you to Dana and Magda from the European Commission for joining us. 

Supporting Social Entrepreneurship 

Bergisch Sozial invited our colleague Marianella Parra to facilitate a webinar on 3 May, focussed on EntreComp and social entrepreneurship. She was joined by experts from CISE and The Women’s Organisation to discuss ‘Innovating for Good: Unveiling the Potential of EntreComp and Social Entrepreneurship’. It was a fantastic opportunity to bring together higher education educators from Germany and beyond. Thank you for the invitation! 

Students in eTwinning as Agents of Change 

Marianella also took part in a multi-day online event hosted by eTwinning. The shared goal of the conference was to equip participants with tools, methodologies and strategies to build resilience in their students and support their growth as agents of change. eTwinning Schools are known for their commitment to prioritising students’ agency, serve as ideal spaces to advocate for this approach. Helping students to become the protagonist of their own educational journey is a key element of the eTwinning School mission, it was an honour to participate in this valuable event. 

That’s all from the Bantani team for May! There’s a lot coming up in June, so stay tuned for more coming next month, and don’t forget to check out The EntreComp Community for more updates.