It has been another jam-packed month for the Bantani Education team, as the winter blues make way for spring sunshine. Get ready to dive into the latest monthly updates. 

Educators for Impact: final partners meeting and available resources

On March 20th, our colleague Hazel Israel had the pleasure of traveling to beautiful Bologna for the final partner meeting. We extend our gratitude to our colleagues at the University of Bologna for their warm welcome (and for providing such an amazing meeting room), as well as to the entire consortium for their dedication to this successful project.

The project also hosted a workshop on March 27th in Paris. The workshop, titled ‘Enhancing the Impact of Education,’ was a half-day event designed to assist educators in evaluating and improving their proficiency in entrepreneurial and innovative education.

As the project draws to a close, we highly recommend exploring the Educators for Impact Reflection Tool. This tool facilitates educators in reflecting on their teaching methods and nurturing change-makers among their students.

We also encourage you to delve into the Educators for Impact Investigation Report. This report aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the needs and benefits of developing educators’ entrepreneurial skills and attitudes, as a vehicle to embed innovative educational pedagogies transversally and across academic disciplines.

Women Learning Together project’s Training is available!

The Women Learning Together 2024 online training is now available and you can join us in empowering mid-career women to thrive in the labour market with Women Learning Together 2024 Training! This Training is an online training programme designed to help women aged 35-55 re-enter the workforce or excel in self-employment. Five dynamic modules tailored to address key challenges faced by mid-career women:  
💡 Your Competences, Your Talents  
🚀 Your Potential  
📈 Creating Value  
💻 Understanding your Personal Digital Visibility  
🤝 Community and Employability  
Already part of The EntreComp Community? Fantastic! Access the training here. Explore all the MOOCs available for this training, choose the first module and click on enrol! Don’t have an account yet? No worries! Simply register your details here. The Women Learning Together team will create your account and you’ll receive an email with login instructions to kickstart your learning journey. 

Youth@Work report

We did it! We are delighted to announce the successful completion of our monitoring and evaluation work for the Youth@Work Partnership. Our analysis of data from various events resulted in a comprehensive report, offering insights into the partnership’s activities and impactful journey throughout 2023. As the past year marks the sixth year of development for the Youth@Work Partnership, the report also reflects on the progress made since its launch in 2018. This emphasises our commitment to fostering youth employability and promoting entrepreneurial skills as we continue our path towards reaching these goals in the future. 

EntrePubl Webinars Success!

On March 21st, we concluded the EntrePubl Online Training Modules Webinars! It has been an amazing four weeks filled with enriching content and active engagement from our participants. These webinars were aimed at unveiling the innovative training modules developed by EntrePubl. Each session delved into one module, providing valuable insights and strategies.

All the webinars are now available on YouTube, so if you missed any, now’s your chance to catch up. Simply head over to our channel and explore the playlist with all the webinars listed.

We were honored to have Marianella Parra and Hazel Israel from Bantani Education kickstart these sessions by presenting Module 1: Creativity – Developing and Experimenting with Ideas. Watch the video below to learn more about this module.

And click here to access and learn more about the Training Modules, then register to complete the course! This course is available in English, Romanian, Italian, Slovakian, French, and Greek.

‘Stimulating Entrepreneurial Activity in a European Context: Reflections on Programs, Courses and Cases’ 

At Bantani Education we are thrilled to share the recent achievement by our Director, Elin McCallum , and Hazel Israel, Education and Skills Adviser. They co-authored a chapter in a recent book ‘Stimulating Entrepreneurial Activity in a European Context: Reflections on Programs, Courses and Cases’ edited by Sílvia Costa, Aard Groen, Francisco Liñán, and Alain Fayolle, and published in the European Research in Entrepreneurship series of Edward Elgar Publishing.

This book, explores entrepreneurial activity and its close relationship with the surrounding context. In this regard, the book covers programs, interventions, and awareness programs with tailor-made educational approaches that cover the enhancement of entrepreneurial activities.

The chapter 6, titled “Reflecting on the potential of EntreCompEdu to stimulate teachers’ entrepreneurial thinking and activities”, is an output from collaborative work by Elin MacCallum, Hazel Israel, Russell Grigg, Dr Felicity Healey-Benson, and Lea Oksanen. It focuses on EntreCompEdu’s potential to ignite teachers’ entrepreneurial thinking and activity. Bantani Education had been deeply involved in the creation of the EntreCompEdu Framework and we are so proud to contribute to its advancement and application in educational settings.

You can access the chapter and delve into this enriching resource through Edward Elgar Publishing’s website here.

Elin McCallum got the FUTURE SKILLS EXPERT badge

We are proud to share that our director Elin McCallum got The FUTURE SKILLS EXPERT badge. This badge recognises the membership in the ETF Skills Lab Network of Experts. The network members are researchers with a recognised track record of high impact publications and participation in relevant research activities on skills anticipation and matching. Congratulations Elin!

That’s all for this month, we are already looking forward to the updates we will share for April. While you’re waiting, don’t forget to check out the latest EntreComp Community Newsletter for April and Inspiring Thoughts article, this month brought to you by Carmen Been, Project Lead of the Venture Centre HvA of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam