For the Bantani Education team, 2024 has started with a month of success and celebrations. We are jumping in with energy and motivation to transform learning and develop mindsets, which is why we are sharing our latest achievements, and opportunities to take part.

New colleague

We are delighted to welcome Eva to our team, joining our Belgium-based team as Community and E-Learning Assistant. Eva is from the beautiful Basque Country in northern Spain and studied Communication and Audiovisual Technology at the University of Deusto. She will support ongoing development of The EntreComp Community, among other tasks. Her internship is also marks the third time Bantani Education is working in collaboration with Garapen Global Training initiative, which sends skilled Basque youth to organisations in Europe and beyond for international training and learning opportunities. Ongi etorri taldera Eva!

Entrepreneurship4All kick-off meeting

At Bantani Education we started the year with a bang on 18 January with the Entrepreneurship4All Phase 2 kick-off meeting in Brussels. This project is a continuation of Entrepreneurship4All which developed learning pathways across four key pillars: sustainability, digital, financial and entrepreneurial. We are committed to revamping the learning experience, creating a digital ecosystem that delivers cutting edge skills development opportunities across these key pillars. In this second phase, we are delighted to lead the project alongside incredible partners from EIT Food, Read Lab, Materahub, EEEC, All Digital, PEEP and Old Continent. Our mission is to innovate e-learning for entrepreneurs in Europe. To see the impact of the training programme, listen to testimonials from Mondli and Abdul – two participants of the courses in 2023.

The Entrepreneurship4All Phase 2 partners gather in Brussels

Getting to grips with virtual reality fun

EntreComp Synergies final meeting

As one opportunity arrives another departs… 18 January also saw the final meeting of EntreComp Synergies, an initiative of the European Union. Over the course of two years, the project developed communities of practice, hosted study visits and hackathons, established a scheme of EntreComp Champions, and reintroduced the EntreComp Café format for new audiences. The final output, an AI-based EntreComp Guide will be published soon. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the project partners for their dedication to making this project shine. Bravo!

EntreComp Community Matchmaker Event

On 16 January, Bantani Education hosted the EntreComp Matchmaker Event hosted by Marianella and Megan with support from Nagore. This event was an opportunity for practitioners from different sectors to come together, meet new potential partners and build connections with an eye towards new Erasmus+ funded projects. Elin kicked off the session with a history of the Erasmus+ programme. Then followed a presentation by Antonio Gennarelli (European Project Manager, European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB)), who shared his personal and professional experiences with Erasmus+. Both experts also fielded questions from the audience, many of whom were eager to create connections for future projects. After an ice-breaker session, participants worked on a challenge situation where they worked together to plan who in their group could take responsibility for the various work packages within a fictitious European project, and what knowledge gaps needed to be filled by the wider group. At the end of the session participants received a special ‘EntreComp Rolodex’ with the details of other participants, so that the great motivation for connection and collaboration can continue.

Participants log in for The EntreComp Matchmaker Event

The secrets to a good Erasmus+ project

Bett Conference

Elin and Maria travelled to London to attend the Bett 2024 Conference. Taking place at the Excel Centre from 22 to 25 January, Bett brought together 30,000 global educators including education changemakers, innovative EdTech providers, game-changing governments and charities, over 2,000 children, 300 world-class speakers. The team was able to explore a showcase of innovative technologies for education and research with possible collaborations waiting to be explored. While it’s hard to pin down just one highlight, the words of Baroness Floella Benjamin ring true: ‘Education is the passport to the future’. Bantani has long championed education and lifelong learning, education doesn’t stop with traditional school structures, we support learning and skills for all. More information about is available on the Bett website.

Elin and Maria enjoying themselves at Bett 2024

EntrePubl transnational partner meeting in Athens

Towards the end of the month, Marianella and Nagore had the opportunity to travel to the Greek capital, Athens, representing Bantani Education in this, the second transnational partner meeting of the EntrePubl project. The two day meeting was instrumental in evaluating the project progress, and helped partners prepare for the exciting things happening in the following months including the launch of the Community of Practice coming up on 15 February. A training course is also being prepared, which will now include 8 online webinars as agreed during the meeting.

A special thank you to our colleagues at Academy of Entrepreneurship who hosted the meeting and welcomed all project partners to the beautiful and historic city. The next transnational partner meeting will take place in Bratislava in September, hosted by ICEP, until then we will meet online.

For more details, visit the project website, or follow the project on LinkedIn, Facebook or X (Twitter).

Fun in the Greek sun for the EntrePubl partners

Youth@Work event highlights published

We are delighted to collaborate with our long-time friends at Youth@Work to support evaluation of the work carried out in 2023. Throughout the year, seven events were hosted across Europe in cities such as Parma, Madrid, Trieste, Skopje, Larnaca and Jyväskylä – a modern day interrail experience! These events also focused on a variety of key topics including employability, entrepreneurship, rural development, inclusive growth and the green transition, always with a focus on youth communities and opportunities. The event highlights offer a snapshot visual summary of the key information, outcomes and demographic insights for each activity.

Visit the Youth@Work website for more information about all of the Event Highlights 2023, as well as upcoming events. We are looking forward to a fantastic agenda of event for 2024!

One of the Youth@Work event highlights

Women Learning Together MOOC launch

Five free mini-MOOCs have just been published as part of the Women Learning Together project, an exciting opportunity to upskill in 2024. These courses, developed by experts from the partnership, will help learners explore their skills, develop their careers and unlock their entrepreneurial potential. The five courses cover: Your Competences and Talents, Your Potential, Creating Value, Understanding Your Personal Digital Visibility and Community and Employability. If you would like to take part, head over to the Course area of The EntreComp Community. If you don’t already have an account, be sure to sign up!

DigComp Hub MOOC launch

There is still time to join the DigComp Hub pilot training course, which focuses on the European Commission’s DigComp Framework. The course is for adult educators looking to learn more about digital competences and gain skills to confidently apply DigComp in the design or education and training courses, there are also mentoring opportunities. Register now on the DigComp Hub website where you can also find more details about the wider project.

News round-up

And finally, to cap off this inaugural Bantani Education Monthly Highlights, a round up of the latest newsletter from the EntreComp Community and some of our key projects.

The EntreComp Community Newsletter February 2024 is fresh of the press, take a look to find out what is coming up and what we will be celebrating in February.