February might be the shortest month of the year, but the leap day has given the Bantani Education team a bounce of energy to bring forward a fresh batch of highlights and achievements as we cross another month from 2024. 

New colleague 

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team this month – Evgenia! She will be taking the reins as project manager for two of our exciting projects: DARYA Scaffold and Entrepreneurship4All. Evgenia is from Ukraine but joins us from the picturesque town of Cascais in sunny Portugal, Evgenia brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to our team. Welcome Evgenia! 

DARYA Scaffold kick-off 

At the start of February, we marked the start of an exciting project under the umbrella of the European Training Foundation (ETF) DARYA initiative. Through the DARYA Scaffold mission, our mission is to extend training opportunities and skills development to young people Central Asia through SCAFFOLD. 

Bantani Education leads this initiative, supported by the invaluable expertise of Fondazione Brodolini from Italy and Greatvisory from Poland, and of course colleagues from ETF. We’ve already celebrated the first webinar for national experts, which was a great success. We are really excited to see the ongoing steps of this initiative. 

For further details on this new initiative, we invite you to explore our recent news article, and stay tuned for more information. 

Group picture from the first National Experts webinar 

Entrepreneurship4All Global Expert Pannel 

Last month, we announced the kick-off meeting for Phase 2 of Entrepreneurship4All in Brussels. This project serves as a continuation of Entrepreneurship4All, which previously devised learning pathways across four crucial pillars: sustainability, digital, financial, and entrepreneurial. In February, we took further strides forward by introducing and inviting eleven experts to share their ideas and inspire us during our Global Expert Panel. The primary focus of this panel was to deliberate on learning pathways, their effectiveness, and the engagement of entrepreneurs across Europe. 

EntrePubl – Community of Practice launch and training MOOC webinar series 

February brought exciting developments for EntrePubl. On February 15, we celebrated the EntrePubl Community of Practice Launch event. This event marked the introduction of the ‘Public Sector Employee Community Corner’ LinkedIn group, the official Community of Practice for the ENTREpreneurial skills in the PUBLic sector: a digital approach (ENTREPUBL) project. The event was hosted by our valued partners, the Academy of Entrepreneurship and Bantani Education. You are invited to become member of the LinkedIn group and join this growing Community of Practice. Did you mess the event? No worries! You can watch the video recording here

Group picture from the EntrePubl CoP Launching Event

Additionally, the Training Modules Webinar series began in February. These online sessions aim to unveil the innovative training modules developed by EntrePubl, with each session exploring a specific module and complimenting the online training. 

Would you like to join the upcoming sessions? You can participate in the March webinars, which take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 16:00 CET until 21 March. Learn more about the EntrePubl project and enrol in this inspiring training by visiting the project website

Scaffold, a deck of cards to design competence-oriented learning experiences 

Bantani Education is honoured to be part of a new publication that aims to bring innovative education to every situation. The report Scaffold – a deck of cards to design competence-oriented learning experience’ has recently been published by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s science and knowledge service. It was produced in collaboration with the European Training Foundation (ETF), with additional contributions from external experts and institutions. The report is designed to empower educators to craft learning experiences that foster key competences among young and adult learners through a set of curriculum cards. The report is available to download from the Publications Office of the European Union

Kudos to Hazel, Education and Skills Advisor at Bantani Education, who played a pivotal role in the creation of the Scaffold guide. Get to know more about Scaffold with the blog on our website

Innovation Talks – Exploring the Impact of AI Revolution on Europe’s Competitive landscape 

On Wednesday, 21 February, our colleague Maria took part in working breakfast on ‘Innovation Talks – Exploring the Impact of AI Revolution on Europe’s Competitive landscape’ hosted by SME Connect, in the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. You can find a reports about the discussions on on the SME Connect website

Photo by: House of Europe 

EntreComp and GreenComp into Schools new project launch 

We are also excited to share the launch of a new project, ‘EntreComp and GreenComp into Schools’, co-funded by the European Union. The project’s goal is clear: to establish a foundational learning model that highlights the value of entrepreneurial competences within environmental education. Through collaboration with secondary school teachers, we aim to underscore the crucial connection between entrepreneurial and environmental competences. Collaborating with esteemed partners like LIPKA in the Czech Republic and Framtidsfrön ideell förening in Sweden, we are set to make a significant impact. Stay tuned for updates as we work towards creating a lasting impact on environmental education! 


We’re thrilled to share an update on our EntreComp4Youth project. We’ve initiated the development of training materials, including the creation of VR scenarios. This innovative approach aims to cultivate entrepreneurial competences, fostering decision-making skills and encouraging reflection on consequences. Our focus is on bringing EntreComp into Virtual Reality for the youth in Jordan and Palestine. 

Being Entrepreneurial 2024 

Longtime friends of Bantani will already know our annual conference, Being Entrepreneurial. We are delighted to share that planning is underway to bring the event into it’s third year. If you want to be the first to hear all the latest developments you can now preregister on our mailing list, we can’t wait to meet you again in Brussels this November! 

That’s all for this month, we are already looking forward to the updates we will share for March. While you’re waiting, don’t forget to check out the latest EntreComp Community Newsletter for March and Inspiring Thoughts article, this month brought to you by Martine Marjorie Fiedler