Welcome to Bantani Education

Bantani Education is a non-profit organisation based in Belgium, working collaboratively to drive entrepreneurial and creative lifelong learning.

By bringing together extensive policy and practical experience, we work with public, community, education, and private sector partners to embed entrepreneurial practices and policy into formal and informal learning at all levels. Our work is underpinned by European Union key competence frameworks, including EntreComp.

Bantani Education is a dedicated team working on the common goal to inspire and create accessible, high-quality entrepreneurial learning opportunities for all. Working across policy and practice, we are experts in entrepreneurial education and work through a wide range of projects to bring our vision to communities across Europe and around the world.

Today, entrepreneurial skills are now basic skills that every learner needs to create their own future. We are passionate about learners from all walks of life developing entrepreneurial skills for life through any and all types of education and lifelong learning.

Bantani Education is proud to be a member organisation of

Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK)

Catalyst 2030

The Federation of European and International Associations Established in Belgium (FAIB)

Pact for Skills (European Commission)

Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE)

Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (DARE)

Bantani Education has been recognised by the following awards and organisations

EUCLID Network Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise

#SocialEU Award – Best Social Networking

Bantani Education has organised, contributed to and taken part in a number of conferences and events

Being Entrepreneurial 2022

Being Entrepreneurial 2023

Our work as a non-profit organisation is supported in part by the kind contributions and support from the following companies and organisations:

Thinqi, LoopMe, Pointerpro, VA Metric – Valid-8

We also thank the following companies and organisations for providing free of charge or reduced rate access to their services for non-profit organisations:

Mural, Canva, Sendible

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