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YouTube Channel: YEDAC channel
Long name: YEDAC - Young Entrepreneurship -Developing in Action
Project Lead: UC Lillebaelt
Funding: Erasmus+


The YEDAC project developed a learning model and didactical framework on entrepreneurship education in the secondary school level focusing on active participation of students. The YEDAC didactical model was tested with the YEDAC learning toolbox in six different EU countries. The project method was about learning in an ongoing process although the student completed a specific project during the pilot test. There was much on how to understand and active use entrepreneurial skills rather teachers facilitating the learning process from A-Z. The teacher took the role of a coach. The student had to be more engaged and take more responsibility for their own learning outcome. This also addresses issues as labour market competences and active citizenship, since the learning can be used in different context - not only to build your own company. The learning outcome is expected to be greater when there is focus on the learning process rather than the result of a product and service. The project developed ten recommendations to the school, regional, national and European level. The ten recommendations are described here:

Main themes

  • Active citizenship
  • Labour market relevance of learning
  • Curriculum Development
  • Learning outcomes

Geographical Area


Primary Audiences

  • Learners / students
  • Educators
  • Policy makers


  • Didactic framework
  • Teacher tools
  • Student entrepreneurial learning tools