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Facebook: LIFE Skills
Long name: LIFE SKILLS - Learning Innovation through Foreign Languages and Entrepreneurship Skills
Project Lead: Ville de Grand-Bourg City Council
Funding: Erasmus+


The LIFE SKILLS project is aimed at promoting mobility of young people, learning new skills through entrepreneurship projects. It is during the process of ideation, planning, launching, and evaluation of projects that the learning of the involved pupils takes place. To ensure a connection to the school’s curricula, the entrepreneurship projects are carried out with a foreign language as the main tool. The pupils work with the aims and content in their language classes while at the same time learning about the core skills of LIFE SKILLS. A project model and tools to assist them in the process are also presented in a theoretical guide and project toolbox.

The skills are:

  • Learning Innovation through Foreign Languages and Entrepreneurship
  • Ability for an individual to develop his or her specific strengths
  • Open mindedness – thinking out of the box
  • The ability to break the norm
  • To achieve success in spite of social background
  • Self confidence and entrepreneurship

Main themes

  • Educator development
  • Curriculum Development
  • Early school leaving
  • Social inclusion
  • Involving stakeholders in education
  • Employability
  • Labour market relevance of learning
  • Social innovation
  • Social entrepreneurship

Geographical Area


Primary Audiences

  • Learners / students
  • Young people not in education, employment or training
  • Educators
  • Policy makers
  • Business stakeholders
  • Unemployed


  • Curriculum resources
  • Teacher tools