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Twitter: @inspireyowup
Project Lead: European Centre for Women and Technology
Funding: COSME Programme; Lifelong Learning Programme


INSPIREYoWUp's aim is to inspire and empower YOU to set up, run and grow your company and increase your employability. INSPIREYoWUp was a two year project running until 2015, and developed an innovative training package on entrepreneurship skills targeting unemployed and inactive young people and women. This was tested, evaluated and quality certified by the Target Groups; it was initially delivered via direct training, and now is available and used online. The on-line training package includes 3 modules: (1) Opportunity recognition, (2) Financial management and investment readiness and (3) mentoring. In the framework of the program and in collaboration with Venture Academy Ireland, participants were supported to develop a pitch. A live competition was organised on Cyprus in October 2014, and the best pitchers are today successful entrepreneurs e.g.

Main themes

  • Digitally enabled learning
  • Digital competence development
  • Gender equality
  • Employability
  • Labour market relevance of learning
  • Business start-up
  • Education-Community links
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Learning outcomes
  • Assessment

Geographical Area


Primary Audiences

  • Unemployed
  • Not in education, employment or training
  • Young women


  • InspireYowUp on-line training material