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Website: http://www.univirtual.it/drupal/en/EntreLabEN
Long name: The Entrepreneurial Laboratory for Teacher Training. A Capability Approach for Entrepreneurship Education in Vocational Education
Project Lead: University of Helsinki
Funding: Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships


The aim of this project is to create a model for continuous teacher training on entrepreneurship education according to a capability approach, and to provide guidelines and best practice on the pedagogies conducive to entrepreneurship education in vocational education. The Entrepreneurial Laboratory will be composed of workshops with vocational education teachers and various stakeholders to discuss how to implement entrepreneurship education in the specific vocational setting chosen for the research. The focus will be on the pedagogies that teachers will establish to encourage, facilitate and support their students being entrepreneurial in and outside the school environment. The aim is not only to connect school with industry, but implement the didactics in line with a capability approach to be mobilised inside and outside the school environment. These may include the encouragement of the students’ personal initiative and autonomy, the ability to make choices, and the possibility for students to participate in decisions about their curriculum. This is a one year field research project involving entailing teacher-focused Change Laboratory workshop for innovation and change of practices.

Main themes

  • Active citizenship
  • Involving stakeholders in education
  • Employability
  • Labour market relevance of learning
  • Social innovation
  • Educator development
  • Curriculum Development
  • Learning outcomes
  • Assessment
  • Recognition and validation

Geographical Area


Primary Audiences

  • Education leaders
  • Educators
  • Community stakeholders


  • Handbooks for Facilitators
  • Online library
  • Apps and Tools