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Project logo
Facebook: Eco System App
Twitter: @ECO_SystemApp
Project Lead: University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK
Funding: Erasmus+


ECO-SystemApp is a multi-sector project which is developing support for entrepreneurship education ecosystems. Engaging teachers, trainers and educators from all educational levels, businesses, public authorities and Civil Society organisations (associations, foundations, youth organisations), the overall objective is to foster an entrepreneurial environment that will boost the ecosystems knowledge based on entrepreneurial learning and experience. They are doing this by:

  • Developing online training for entrepreneurship educators - mapped to EntreComp (European Reference framework for the entrepreneurship competence)
  • Sharing the latest good practice methodologies, tools and resources
  • Creating an assessment tool for the validation of learning outcomes linked to entrepreneurship education - aligned to EntreComp
  • Strengthening multi-stakeholder cooperation through active promotion of peer-to-peer learning

Main themes

  • Involving stakeholders in education
  • Business-Education links
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Employability
  • Educator development
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment
  • Recognition and validation

Geographical Area


Primary Audiences

  • Education leaders
  • Educators
  • Policy makers
  • Community stakeholders
  • Business stakeholders


  • Online teacher training
  • Good practices
  • Assessment tool
  • Local entrepreneurial learning ecosystems