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Long name: ECONewFARMERS - Building a Future for New Farmers in Ecological Farming Through Vocational Training
Project Lead: Instituto Politécnico de Viseu
Funding: Erasmus+, COSME, European Structural and Investment Fund


An increasing number of people with higher levels of education are changing their activity to agriculture without any previous knowledge in this area, especially in countries which have been experiencing significant economic difficulties, such as Portugal. Thus, it is urgent to educate them, and support organic farming to improve their agricultural skills – such as organic farming - and to facilitate their performance and innovation capacity, contributing to the European rural development strategy. EC policy encourages the development of sustainable agricultural systems, such as organic farming. Organic farming enables farmers to produce enough food to feed themselves and for selling at the market, while fostering for healthy farming, healthy food and mitigating climate change. Providing learning opportunities on organic farming via mobile systems (m-learning) will create new labour and economic opportunities for a new educational target group – i.e. graduates who have no formal education in agriculture, but who wish to start an activity in agriculture and achieve economic success adopting organic farming. The project will promote creativity and innovation in ecological farming, through relevant and innovative mobile-learning contents, that can be used in rural and working contexts, improving the students’ employability and enhance their ability to work in this area. This, in turn, may result in an increased number of individuals working in the area of ecological farming which is in keeping with EC targets on organic farming.

Main themes

  • Digital competence development
  • Employability
  • Curriculum Development

Geographical Area


Primary Audiences

  • Learners / students
  • Educators
  • Community stakeholders
  • Unemployed


  • E-book of Good Practices
  • Mobile learning modules and curriculum
  • Certification / qualification
  • Database of training opportunities