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Project logo
Facebook: CREA Summer Academy
Long name: CREA Summer Academy
Project Lead: Politecnico Di Milano
Funding: Horizon2020


CREA is a European Network of Summer Academies with the aim to strengthen entrepreneurship in innovative sectors by using ICT and Creativity as levers. The project creates international student start-up teams, developing their potential from idea to market through a network of summer academies. The 4 drivers of the CREA value proposition are:

  1. individual and teams + local and international. CREA Summer Academies present a good balance among local impact and international point of view (experts exchange, multicultural approach to participants, international events etc.)
  2. three pillars: creativity (design, arts, culture etc), Information and Communication Technology and entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial attitude, skills and methods)
  3. a learning experience: CREA chose to stress practice approach but with a good balance among knowledge transfer (lectures, best practice cases, keynotes etc.) and skill building.
  4. a bridge between idea generation and business modeling: CREA wants to balance design approach to the business idea development and the business model. CREA Summer Academies have a strategic position on the early stage of business development (the nascent stage).

The project has reached over 400,000 students, while thirteen academies have directly developed 27 student teams involving 300 students from 100 different universities.

Main themes

  • Active citizenship
  • Social inclusion
  • Involving stakeholders in education
  • Business start-up
  • Social innovation
  • Social entrepreneurship

Geographical Area


Primary Audiences

  • Learners / students
  • Teachers
  • Business stakeholders


  • International summer academy model
  • Network of partnerships between Universities, Incubators, Regional Development Agencies and Business
  • Support Initiatives across Europe